2 thoughts on “Becoming debt free is not about sacrifice

  1. Cory, I fall into the category of “other busy healthcare professional”. I have been underpaid most of my career and only finished paying off my student loan in my later 40s. So I’ve mostly led a simple life: infrequent no frills budget vacations, eat out once in a while, drive an old car… You get the picture. I have a private practice + a mortgage and my benefits are slim. Insurance reimbursements continue to decline. I’m thinking of establishing a home office (which will require some remodeling as my place is small and old) or finding another way of cutting back on office expenses. Any other suggestions?

    • Ana, great job on keeping your lifestyle within your income and paying off the student debt. I would look at working towards getting your mortgage paid off. Take a look at what your monthly budget would be like if the mortgage payment was gone. That can be a motivating factor. Then begin to attack it. You will be surprised at how fast it will melt away when it becomes your goal and then all that money will be yours to spend each month. The day I made my last mortgage payment a weight lifted off my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there. You can do it too.

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